Visa Migration Services Australia – Who We Are

Visa Migration Services Australia – Who We Are

Visa Migration Services Australia (VMSA) is a Sydney-based immigration legal services firm offering immigration advice and case management for Australian visas and immigration matters.

“Our job is to translate the client’s circumstances into practical advice and case management. We look at each immigration matter through the eyes of a Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) decision maker so that every facet of your case is dealt with for the best outcome.”

Shaun Luttrell, Principal Registered Migration Agent, Visa Migration Services Australia.

It is important to us to ensure that our clients are fully confident that by choosing Visa Migration Services Australia they have made the right choice to secure their future.

VMSA are passionate about helping clients. We understand that immigration decisions can be life-changing. They can also be complex, costly and very stressful.

VMSA sets out to remove the stress by firstly working hard to find the right visa pathway. We set out the cost, the time and what needs to be done so that there are no doubts in your mind and you know what is happening at all times.

We take pride in knowing that our processes and attention to detail produce the best outcomes possible. We take pride in our high level of communications with clients. We take pride in our understanding of immigration processes and law.

Our planning and research is meticulous, we are diligent and, importantly, we are determined to overcome any challenges a client may face.

We are passionate about helping you.