Immigration Advice

Immigration Advice

Finding the appropriate immigration solution is critical. It ensures that the right choice is made, such as which visa to apply for, or it identifies what needs to be done to solve a problem such a Health Waiver or becoming an Unlawful Non-Citizen.

Visa Migration Services Australia’s Immigration Advice (VMSA) services are a process that:

  1. Identifies your circumstances.
  2. Identifies your immigration goals/and or requirements.
  3. Analyses your circumstances and goals/requirements against Australian immigration law and Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) policy.

Once VMSA has completed this process, a Letter of Advice is issued to you. The document will:

  1. Summarise your circumstances and explain how Australia’s immigration law operates and how this applies to your circumstances and goals/requirements.
  2. Identify what needs to be done next for you and how to do it.
  3. Identifies all costs involved in the process – everything from legal advice fees, Visa Application Charges to other costs such as police checks.
  4. Identifies challenges or problems, explains these and explains how they can be fixed.

In effect – VMSA analyses the goals, problems and provides a document setting out what to and what it will cost.

How Do I Get Advice?

VMSA offers a No-Cost, free consultation phone service. These consultations usually last for 15 minutes. If more time is required, VMSA will discuss this with you. VMSA will explain how our Immigration Legal Advice service operates and its benefits.